Complete Posing Video

Image of Complete Posing Video

In this video I talk about setting up for fabric poses, baskets and my lighting setup. You also listen and watch as I pose a newborn with each of the settings (fabric, basket and mom/dad). The video is roughly 2 hours in length and 25 final images captured.

Videos are downloadable. Due to the nature of the video, no refunds or exchanges can be made.


When you purchase a video, you are purchasing a link to watch the video streaming online through this site for 1 year. If the videos become a downloadable product, those who purchased a link will receive a complimentary copy. If you ever lose your link, email me and I will gladly send you another link.

Please note that in order to keep the cost of your investment affordable, each video was recorded with a standard video camera. They are not in HD or professionally videotaped. There may be moments of focusing issues but they are brief. They are lightly edited. However, I offer a lot of information so that you can take away valuable information. Due to the nature of this product, no refunds or exchanges can be offered.

It is your responsibility as the photographer to take safety precautions when photographing a newborn. These videos are for educational purposes only. By purchasing videos, you are agreeing to hold harmless Sandra Henderson, Newborn Posing & More and Fusion Fotografix for any injury caused to your client under your supervision and care while photographing.

I strongly suggest that you do not photograph a newborn in anything glass. The pressure from a newborn and any materials used inside of the glass may cause the glass to break therefore causing serious injury to the baby. Use common sense.

Please check your "Spam" folder after you place your order to find our email as they often end up there. If you do not receive your product within 30 minutes, please contact us directly at sandra@newbornposing.net.