NEW eBook - Photographing The Challenging Newborn

Image of NEW eBook - Photographing The Challenging Newborn

This eBook has been years in the making and isn't just a bunch of pretty images. With 27 pages to soak in, this eBook is full of tips and tricks that I have used over the course of my photography career and gives an in-depth overview on being prepared, preparing your client, possible solutions to combat newborn issues as you work through posing when you encounter these different types of newborns: awake and happy wiggle worm, awake and unhappy baby, breast dependent babies, touch me not baby and the uncontrollable crier.

Table of Contents
Be Prepared
Prepare Your Client
Setting Up My Studio For The“What Ifs”
Prop Setup For The "What Ifs"
Types of Challenging Newborns/Troubleshooting
Awake and Happy Wiggle Worm
Awake and Unhappy baby
Breast Dependent
Touch Me Not
Uncontrollable Crying